Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Moving ...

After WOC, I flew straight back to Scandinavia to move into an apartment with my boyfriend and three other Norwegians.

After 2 days of packing his stuff (of which some is returning to Norway, some got thrown and most got kept), we were just about ready to move stuff to the new apartment. A brief trip back to Norway for a wedding, and we were back in Falun moving boxes and bags and skis and bikes and ski repair stuff and bike repair stuff and desks and furniture and curtains and pictures and 500 DVD's.

It was an epic move. My stuff consists of two medium sized bags containing clothes, bike stuff and tools. The rest of the 12 car journeys was Hans Jørgen's! We found close to 50 ski hats, so if anyone needs any for the winter then you know where to find free ones ... ;-)

I'm now living here in Falun for the next 10 months and then we'll see what happens. I say 'living' here, but in reality I'm starting to live something of a gypsy lifestyle travelling around from Norway to Sweden and back again!