Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Camera Fun!

I really fancied a walk today so G and I headed out to Stanage Edge and wandered up to the trig point in the dark. Was a little scary as we couldn't see much, and slipped in a few puddles!
An eerie green traffic light!

After taking a few snaps of us, I found the long exposure function and had great fun taking pics of cars at night!! I don't think G was too impressed :-)

I suppose its pretty sad that I can entertain myself just taking pictures of the the lights at night, but there is a certain technique to it. Just wave the camera around and pray to God you get something good! Not that I'm religious in anyway ;-)
I like this one, it's of the 88 bus to Bents Green....

Saturday, 24 October 2009

A very wet and rainy day..

Top end of Ladybower with the clearing mist

Today was supposed to be The Mam Tor ride, legendary in it's own right... however, with my friend cancelling on Thursday and me going on my own, I decided it was a silly idea. Once you get started on the ride, there are no short cuts and no roads or train stations near by.
Picture of the reservoirs......

I got a train out to Edale and rode back from there. Up the hill to Hollins cross initially, and then back down before heading up and over towards the Enchanted forest. At the top I headed off down 'the beast' (which was awesome fun to ride!), and then back up past Rowley Farm behind Hagg hill. Rode all the way around Ladybower before heading up to Win hill and down to the A57. From there it was back to Sheffield via Redmires and Endcliffe Parks. 6 hills. 4.5 hours.
Unfortunately I wasn't allowed in the house covered in mud....

Unfortunately, it rained throughout the ride. The mist was down and it was rather spooky around Ladybower....with the pine trees and the mist it was like something out of Twilight! haha. I'm just obsessed with Twilight at the moment. Less than a month until the sequel, New Moon... :-)
Dam disappearing into the mist....

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Sponsor

I am proud to announce that my new sponsor for 2009/2010 are Natural Balance Foods with their Trek, Nakd, and fruit infused Raisins.

I first tried Natural Balance Foods in November last year at the British Athletes Commission conference in London, and the company have agreed to sponsor me for this year. The food bars are described as 'natural fruits and ingredients, mushed together with no additives or sugar' so they make the perfect food for those long winter bike rides.

Trek bars are full of protein and are good for recovery after a session and during a ride. Nakd bars are smaller and contain more carbohydrate, whereas as the raisins make a perfect healthy snack!
Box full of yummy tasting goodies :-)

Monday, 19 October 2009

Busy Bee

This weekend has been really manic. Helping out at both the Hallam Uni open days (£100 in my pocket, thank you very much!) so my voice has been hoarse all day from the excessive talking I did!

Didn't get much opportunity to head out on my bikes this weekend, but I did go to the cinema with GG to watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which is very surreal, but a very good film! Looking forward to the Twilight sequel in one months time... :-)

Have finally managed to book a physio appointment for this week. I have been unable to get in to see my physio due to working at the Hallamshire Hospital on placement so it will be a good opportunity to make sure that my current issues are hopefully nothing major! I should be able to diagnose myself by now, but the advice I would give a patient, is go an see you GP, which I absolutely hate doing! haha.

Today at work went really quickly :-) Made a complete arse of myself of 5 occasions, the worst being when I went faceplanted the floor in ITU, and then accidently kicking a patient's crutches from them when they were walking :-s I was convinced my foot would land a couple of feet away but I somehow managed to kick it as I walked forwards! Still doesn't beat my disaster day at Grimsby though!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Stanage Edge

View of Lodge Moor, Sheffield

Went out this morning for an XC ride with the gang! Beautiful sunny day, that was rather warm once we got riding :-) wore a few too many layers.

Sheffield, my home.

Rode out through the Parks and over Redmires to Stanage Edge. Unfortunately my brakes need bleeding, and without any money I can't buy any brake fluid, so the descent was a little scary.

I really enjoyed this ride, felt relatively strong, considering my injury problems at the moment. Looking forward to tomorrows road ride with the boys, and then headache allowing, I might go and play in the parks on an evening next week.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Work, Work, Work!

This week has been pretty manic! I've just started my Neurosurgery placement, which is intense. There is so much to learn to do with the brain and different pathologies, it is information overload. At least my respiratory physiotherapy is good :-)

Training wise, I'm still in the gym at 7am Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. I even went for a run (oh. my. god!) on Tuesday morning at 0630!! With Friday as my rest day I get an extra 1hr 15 of sleep, which was rather pleasant this morning. I have been feeling tired during the day, especially when I'm left on my own to do some reading....heavy eyelid syndrome :-)